An Epic Journey Awaits

Travel through space and explore a number of mysterious new worlds. Run, jump, slice, stab, swing and blast with up to three friends to liberate this whimsical solar system from the mysterious figure and his clone army of Seans.

Your legacy begins with your Knights

Players command the Nova Knights, champions of The God of Light, tasked with creating and protecting life in the universe. For millennia, the Nova Knights have used their powers to create stars, which in turn allowed life to flourish across the cosmos.

  • Sir Sirius
  • Sir Rigel
  • Sir Vega
  • Sir Regulus

Defeat the Seanvasion

When an army of clones named Sean, led by a mysterious Dark Knight, invades a peaceful solar system, corrupting each planet’s Sun Temple in an attempt to destroy the star, the Nova Knights must take arms and defend the light from this new menace.


Multiple worlds waiting to be explored

Cleanse each planet’s shrines to save the solar system.

Hover over a planet to learn more. Come back again on a larger device to explore and learn more about the planets in Nova Knights.

Planet: Terra Nova

Terra Nova is home to the Woodland Folk, cute but carnivorous little creatures, who have established their villages in the dark woods and are the last of the planet’s native inhabitants still resisting the Seanvasion. All other settlements have fallen to the control of the notorious Mecha Sean.

Planet: Terragonnia

Terragonia is inhabited by Space Gnomes, who have built their homes in the remains of giant dragons. These proud people were enslaved by the mighty Blagor, but everything changed upon the Seanvasion. The Seans, led by Dragonslayer Sean, defeated and subjugated the Balgor, and are now using the beast to control the Space Gnomes.

Planet: H2-Omega

This water world was ruled by the peaceful merpeople. When the clone army invaded, they allied themselves with the Sharks. Under the command of the infamous Pirate Captain Sean, they built boats and “fished” the merpeople out of the waters.

Planet: Pyre

This magma covered world was ruled by a class of religious zealots, the Lizard people, and their leader the Lizard Cardinal. For millennia, they have been waiting for their messiah. From the shadows, the Sean Army has been steering the religion, ensuring that the Lizard people would see the Seans as their gods.

Planet: Aurora 9

Aurora9’s ancient greek like architecture combined with its rainbow roads through the clouds is a sight to see. Upon invading this world, the Seans used their technology to brainwash the Unicorn People and impose their will.

Planet: Halfmoon Station

Be ready to hear the roar of the crowds. The Fight Station is where the toughest brawl for the right to be called Champion.

Planet: Frosbite Comet

This frozen planet is as beautiful as it is deadly. Littered are the remains of a failed colonial outpost. The notorious Ice Wizard Sean and his Basilisk led the Seanvasion and quickly seized control of the planet.

Planet: Dark Horseship


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